Photos | Office Remodel 2013

overhauled my home office. I decided that the room I spend the most time in should be the best room in the house. It's small, so I needed a design that would economize on space. I wanted all the cords and cables properly bundled and concealed and off the floor. Even though it's an office, I wanted to warm it up and give it a bit of a mancave feel to it. I was under strict orders to use solid wood where practical, and no-VOC paints and stains. I wanted to get rid of the carpet and replace the closet doors and window blinds. I needed to massively purge old papers to right size my file storage. I had never done any of this before, and everything you see i did myself. I did get some help from an old friend sanding the floors. And I had help finding and selecting the little chest of drawers and the file cabinet. But evertything else was me.

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